About Us

How We Shoot

From the hip, down low, as the moment presents its self.

We like our images with emotion that keeps you coming back for more.

We document unobtrusively but also see times for gentle direction.

We invent not mass produce. Everyone is their own person and we try to reflect this in our photography by meeting with customers prior to a shoot. This helps us better understand the personalities we capture and provides a better familiarity and comfort for your photo session.

When and Where we Shoot

Photofinishstudios prides itself in the ability to be flexible and adaptable. Every single day where-ever the inspiration takes us. When not shooting portraits we are constantly seeking new opportunities to improve our photography.


We’re Minneapolis based and happily reside in the Eastern suburbs of the Twin Cities. We love experiencing new things and places to photograph and are more than happy to shoot “out-of-town”.

How much do we cost?

Our Pricing structure is based on our solid commitment to provide exceptional service and a product worthy of your investment. Contact Us Today For a Quote!